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Get to know the company led by women for women
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CODE W stands for Connecting Opportunities with Determined and Empowered Women with a specific focus on the healthcare industry.

We are a professional development and network company with over 15 years of experience serving healthcare administrators and executives across the United States. We encourage women who are dedicated to improving diversity and quality of care in long-term care facilities while evolving their professional skills through 1:1 consultation, NAB-approved educational sessions, workshops, and more.

We work to enhance the awareness and reach of women in the healthcare industry across communities by connecting emerging healthcare professionals, executives, and affiliates to one another. By making use of shared opportunities and available resources, we aim to move onward with educational endeavors, career goals, healthy lifestyles, empowerment, community affiliation, and sisterhood.

Among the ways we make our services available to our members across the country is through webinars and monthly training calls. We also offer National Administrators Board (NAB) approved and sponsored continuing education units, as well as courses for both professional and personal development.

We accept members from all walks of life. From women who are entry-level healthcare professionals, to aspiring or seasoned entrepreneurs, to CEOs within hospitals/healthcare organizations or private practices, we can accommodate them all.

Our Mission

Our mission at CODE W is to enhance relationships between women in the healthcare industry by providing networking opportunities that promote educational, personal, and professional growth leading to career advancement, diversity, and self-fulfillment.

Our Vision

We, at CODE W, envision to create a healthcare community where women are aware of their professional opportunities, are able to advance to administrative/executive roles, and are recognized for their accomplishments through strengthening the relationship within community programs or services.

Get to Know Our Team

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Angela Perry, LNHA is a skilled nursing facility administrator with over 15 years in the healthcare industry and Founder/CEO of CODE W (Connecting Opportunities with Determined and Empowered Women in healthcare). Background includes operating skilled nursing facilities that provide long-term care and specialized units with focus on sub-acute rehabilitative services, memory care, and behavioral health in both Connecticut and Georgia. She is presently Administrator of a 150-bed facility in the Greater Hartford area.

CODE W was founded by Ms. Perry in 2017 to encourage women in healthcare administration to enhance professional development and pursue executive/ leadership, and/or entrepreneurial roles within the healthcare industry to promote diversification. Ms. Perry coined the phrase “ Breaking the CODE” to magnify the importance of women to break through barriers and evolve within the workforce.

Ms. Perry is presently co-chair for the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee, Board of Director Member for the CT Chapter of the ACHCA, and serves on the Member Experience Committee with ACHCA National. She has been featured in several national healthcare publications describing the environment of healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as various panels in the same regard.

Overall, Ms. Perry enjoys spending time with family, mentoring women in healthcare, attending symphonies and plays, and running at the mountain.

Angela N. Perry in Her Own Words
“My path traveled towards the healthcare industry was realized as a young girl through the lens of my mother who is now a retired nurse. While pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Health Psychology I recognized the importance of becoming a licensed nursing home administrator which will allow a greater opportunity to make an impact while I serve and lead the patients and my staff. Also, to become a not so common face of leadership in the healthcare field. Through sharing my experiences I hope to inspire minority women to explore opportunities in various healthcare realms that may not be so easily recognized.”
Ranyouri Senia

Ranyouri Senia in Her Own Words

Ranyouri Senia, PhD, OTR/L, LNHA, Chief Financial Officer

“I have always had an interest in health care and cannot see my life in any other profession. I have been dedicated to providing quality service since becoming an Occupational Therapist (OT) in 2008. Being a traveling OT allowed me to see both the good and not so good administrators either build a strong facility or one not reaching its full potential. As I reviewed my therapy career, I knew that longterm care administration was my calling. Not only am I able to continue helping the residents but I can also help empower the employees as well. My goal in life is to lead through example by showing others that if I can do it you can, too.”

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