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Learn and, at the same time, strengthen your company’s bond through our workshops.

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Capture and retain your audience’ interest through our expertly relayed presentations.

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Panel Discussions and more

Share and build on each other’s experience through our expertly planned panel discussions.

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Welcome toCODE W

We dream of a world where every woman can experience the world like how everyone else does. At CODE W, we strive to bring this dream into a reality one step at a time by providing them with employment, career growth, and networking opportunities to build themselves into self-fulfilled individuals.

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Our Mission

Our mission at CODE W is to enhance relationships between women in the healthcare industry by providing networking opportunities that promote educational, personal, and professional growth leading to career advancement, diversity, and self-fulfillment.

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Our Vision

We, at CODE W, envision to create a healthcare community where women are aware of their professional opportunities, are able to advance to administrative/executive roles, and are recognized for their accomplishments through strengthening the relationship within community programs or services.